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A Win For The Filipino Community: OFW Takes Home AED 100,000 with Just AED 25 in the O! Millionaire Raffle Draw

O! Millionaire Raffle Draw

The Filipino Times, the largest digital news platform for Filipinos in the UAE, shares the success of one OFW in the O! Millionaire Raffle Draw.

A Win For the Filipinos

O! Millionaire, which is one of the largest Green Initiative companies in the UAE, proudly announces another life-changing win in their Raffle Draw. In a recent article published by The Filipino Times, the story of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who won AED 100,000 with a mere AED 25 ticket purchase shines a spotlight on the incredible possibilities offered by O! Millionaire.

The article shares the inspiring journey of Edward Castaneda, an OFW who has been in the Sales industry for 10 years in a Dubai-based company. Recently, he participated in O! Millionaire’s most eco-friendly draws by purchasing a Green Certificate priced at an affordable AED 25. Little did he know, he would bring home the Raffle Draw prize for that week, which was worth AED 100,000.

The remarkable win demonstrates the accessibility and transformative power of O! Millionaire’s initiative, where individuals from all walks of life can dream big and potentially change their lives. For Castaneda, he just wanted to try his luck, and he managed to win his best life while helping the planet.

O! Millionaire’s Oasis Park  O! Millionaire’s draws have become synonymous with life-changing prizes and environmental sustainability. Participants not only have the opportunity to win substantial cash rewards but also contribute to the Green Initiative, supporting the development of Oasis Park—a project aimed at transforming desert lands globally into thriving forests. Oasis Park will run on purely renewable energies on top of its afforestation efforts. It will also use atmospheric water generators for its supply to aid in water conservation.

In his interview with The Filipino Times, Castaneda thanked O! Millionaire “for giving a good cause in joining the raffle and letting [participants] be part of Oasis Park.” He proceeded to encourage fellow OFWs to join the draws held every Thursday, at 8 PM (UAE). It is broadcasted live on Facebook and YouTube. According to him, he now had money to secure his children’s education and save some for future use.

For more information about O! Millionaire and their life-changing draws, you can visit You can also read about their Green Initiative program at

About O! Millionaire

O! Millionaire is a pioneering Green Initiative company dedicated to creating a positive impact on the environment while offering life-changing prizes. By purchasing a Green Certificate and participating in their Raffle Draw, individuals contribute to the development of Oasis Park—a project aimed at transforming barren lands into thriving forests. With a mission to empower individuals and make a difference, O! Millionaire revolutionizes the way we play and win.

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