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May 23 - Winning Nos Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 106: Play Green & Win Big! Your Green Certificate to Changing Lives & Making a Difference

Another fulfilling Thursday night as O! Millionaire keeps on bringing you closer to #WinYourBestLife. The Grand Prize still stands at One Hundred Million Dirhams. Elevate your dreams with our Double & Secure the Grand Prize and bring home an incredible Two Hundred Million Dirhams!  O! Millionaire has been giving chances all around the world to […]

episode 105 winning numbers Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 105: Win Big and Make a Difference: Your Chance to Be a Millionaire While Making a Positive Impact

This Thursday night we invite you to another exciting experience only here at the World’s First Green Draw. O! Millionaire offers a captivating chance to win the Grand Prize still at a life-changing AED 100 Million! And who doesn’t love to double the winnings? With O! Millionaire’s Double & Secure option, you take home AED […]

May 2 - Winning Nos Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 103: 3 Clicks to Millions: The Ultimate Guide to O! Millionaire Registration and Your Shot at AED 100 Million Awaits!

Another buzzing Thursday night! This Episode 103 crackled the players with anticipation for a chance at record-breaking wins. The Grand Prize still shoots up to an incredible AED 100 Million and is waiting for the lucky winner! Tired of the daily grind? This could be your chance to break free. Forget working another thousand years […]

APR-25-Winning-Nos-768x768 Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 102: Make Every Play Count for Earth Day: Join The World’s First Green Draw, O! Millionaire

The winning energy was amping up this Thursday’s Earth Day Episode 102. Players were geared up for some record-breaking achievements! The Grand Prize has climbed to AED 100 Million and will remain that way until a lucky winner claims it all. Celebrate Earth Day with a chance to win big! In honor of the occasion, […]

APR-18-Winning-Nos- Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 101: Pave the way for O! Millionaire’s 101st Draw Blazes with a MEGA AED 100 MILLION Grand Prize!

Another Happy Thursday here at O! Millionaire, and everything just keeps getting exciting and exciting! Players were eager to witness the back-to-back historic milestone exclusively here at the World’s First Green Draw. A little recap: We celebrated the 100th Draw and as we all know, we add five hundred thousand dirhams each week. So for […]

Omillionaire-Draw-100 Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 100: Celebrate Eid Al-Fitr with the 100th draw O! Millionaire and UNWRAP your chance to win – the MASSIVE AED 99.5 MILLION Grand Prize!

This Thursday night is extra special! We’re celebrating not only Eid al-Fitr but also O! Millionaire’s 100th episode with a massive AED 99.5 Million Grand Prize. And to make it even more exciting, you can Double & Secure that and take home AED 199 million. A huge thank you to all our Green Certificate supporters […]

Omillionaire Draw 99 - Winning Numbers Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 99: Witness the Unique Ramadan Tradition of Egypt and the incredible AED 99 MILLION Grand Prize awaits!

This week, The O! Millionaire Grand Prize has skyrocketed to AED 99 million! Every Thursday at 8 PM (GST), players eagerly anticipate the Live Draw, where the excitement of winning intertwines with the vibrant celebration of Ramadan in Egypt. April is a significant month, symbolizing rebirth and renewal with the arrival of the spring season. […]

MARCH-28-Winning-Nos Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 98: Join the Holi fun and enter the draw for a chance to win the AED 98.5 Million Grand Prize!

O! Millionaire—not only is it one of the easiest ways to be rich and improve your life but it also changes the planet. The Grand Prize keeps increasing every single week until it reaches AED 100 million. This week, the prize has been raised to AED 98.5 million! Participants wait for the weekly announcement of […]

Omillionaire-Draw-97 Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 97: Win big while celebrating spirituality and saving the planet

In the last O! Millionaire episode, its Grand Prize reached AED 98 million! Thousands of participants are eager for the announcement of the winning numbers every Thursday during the Live Draw at 8 PM (GST), with actor-environmentalist Maradona Rebello as the host. Green Certificate ID: PGAQ 2PDX Grand Prize Winning Numbers: 1 • 2 • […]

Episode 96 Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 96: Spiritual Harmony for Climate Action and Making Dreams Come True

The O! Millionaire Grand Prize has reached 97.5 million, and participants await the announcement of the winning numbers every Thursday during the Live Draw at 8 PM (GST). As the spirit of Maha Shivratri blooms, O! Millionaire celebrates 96 weeks of partnership with Oasis Park, showing its ongoing commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment. […]