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episode 92 Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 92: O! Millionaire Raises the Grand Prize and its Support for Oasis Park

O! Millionaire, the world’s first eco-friendly draw, is nearing its 100-million-dirhams cap for the Grand Prize. Already impacting India, Oasis Park, supported by O! Millionaire, aims to transform deserts into forests globally. As we celebrate love this Valentine’s Day, O! Millionaire extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants who have shown love for the environment […]

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O! Millionaire Episode 91: A More Global, All-New O! Millionaire As the Grand Prize Approaches 100-Million

O! Millionaire, the World’s First Green Draw, is now approaching its 100-million dirhams limit for the Grand Prize. On its 91st episode, it launches the new O! Millionaire website at, with better features and easier navigation. This also marks its 91st week in service to save the planet. With the number of Green Certificates […]

episode 90 winning combinations Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 90: Rewarding the Global Citizens Who Save the Planet with the Biggest Grand Prize

Beginning February with an exciting turn of events, the O! Millionaire Grand Prize has soared to 94.5 million dirhams in the latest Episode 90, which aired on the first day of the month. The anticipation is even greater with the option to boost the Grand Prize via the Double and Secure options. Green Certificates, the […]

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O! Millionaire Episode 89: The Biggest Grand Prize on Earth for the Greenest Tomorrow

The O! Millionaire Grand Prize has officially reached 94 million dirhams on its 89th episode, which aired last January 25, 2024. The Grand Prize is even bigger if it is Doubled. For the final Live Draw of the month, thousands of participants globally joined the greenest draw on earth. Green Certificates, which serve as the entry […]

omillionaire episode 87 Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 87: A Journey of Winning and Environmental Care In 2024

In its 87th episode, O! Millionaire went beyond the excitement of the draw, providing a comprehensive guide on registering at O! Millionaire. As the new year progresses, it is important that more and more people become aware of the O! Millionaire Green Initiative and the prize that comes with supporting it. Each participant, wherever they […]

episode 86 Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 86: A New Chance to Win Double the Grand Prize this 2024

O! Millionaire’s 2024 season debuted with Episode 86, with the Grand Prize now raised to 92.5 million dirhams. As the first episode of the year aired, members of the O! Millionaire community who joined the year-end #SpotOMillionaire games could now start using their free Green Certificates weekly. Participants await the announcement of Raffle Draw and […]

episode 84 draw results Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 85: New Year, New Dreams, New Wins with A Million Dirhams

On December 28, 2023, O! Millionaire’s Episode 85 celebrated the New Year with a special theme, featuring host Maradona Rebello in festive attire. The final episode of 2023, with a Grand Prize of 92 million dirhams, combined New Year excitement with significant environmental and community-focused initiatives. Participants who joined the Thursday draw await the announcement […]

Spot Omillionaire Trending News

O! Millionaire Gives Away A Year’s Worth of Entries to the Greenest and Biggest Draw

Introduction As the New Year approaches, O! Millionaire brings an exciting blend of celebration and opportunity with its #SpotOmillionaire challenge. Held at the busy but full-of-life Dubai Mall, the contest added a sparkle to the festive season, inviting participants to embark on a delightful treasure hunt. The challenge was simple yet thrilling: spot Maradona Rebello, […]

episode 84 draw results Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 84: Spreading Joy and Environmental Awareness this Holiday Season

Episode 84 of O! Millionaire brought holiday cheer with host Maradona Rebello in his Santa hat, sharing the excitement of potentially winning the best life. The episode, with a Grand Prize of 91.5 million dirhams, combined festive joy with a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. The holiday season is bringing happiness throughout the world, but […]

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O! Millionaire Basketball Cup 2023: A Celebration of Sportsmanship and Dreams

Introduction The first-ever O! Millionaire Basketball Cup 2023 has drawn to a spectacular close, marking an end to weeks of thrilling basketball plays, enthusiastic sportsmanship, and exciting prize giveaways. The event not only showcased athletic talent but also brought together communities with shared dreams and aspirations. Closing Ceremony Highlights At the heart of the closing […]