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O! Millionaire Episode 110:  The Significance of the O! Millionaire Colors & Your Chance to Win Big This World Rainforest Day

June 20 - Winning Nos

A refreshing Thursday dawned us a hopeful celebration of the World Rainforest Day! Let us not skip turns of taking care of the beauty and power these forests possess.

We know that winning sometimes can be a bit of luck and mystery, but don’t hold back because we are still here at our One Hundred Million Dirhams celebration and O! Millionaire is packed with surprises!

Did you know O! Millionaire balls signify our connection to Earth? The Blue and Green balls represent the colors of the Earth!

June 20 - Winning Nos

Green Certificate ID: DWXK U64N

Grand Prize Winning Numbers: 2 • 8 • 16 • 20• 35 •37 • 43

O! Millionaire’s Colors

The O! Millionaire draw goes beyond huge prizes. We are committed to a deeper mission for Earth, displayed in the colors of the ball rolling each week.

Green, stands as the nature’s embrace, reflects the care our Earth deserves. Blue, like the sky mirrored in water, reminds us of life’s essence. Did you know 70% of Earth is water, with only 3% drinkable?

With every Green Certificate purchase for just 25 dirhams, you tap into this vital resource and join a global movement transforming barren lands into flourishing oases. Play, win, and be part of something bigger – help save the planet with O! Millionaire!

Watch the full video and learn more about what O! Millionaire stands for.

Sharing the 110th Draw magic? See the full episode here.

The Seven Winning Numbers for Episode 110

Every Thursday at 8 PM (GST), join host Maradona Rebello on O! Millionaire for your chance to win life-changing prizes! But O! Millionaire goes beyond the draw, it’s a global effort to transform lives and nature.

Each entry contributes to the funding of the Oasis Park program. Trees and oceans have been there for who knows how long and it has always been up to us to cultivate them and share the blessings.

Picture yourself of what you can share with the Grand Prize! Get your Green Certificate today for just 25 dirhams and let your favorite numbers decide your fate!

O! Millionaire Draw 110

Excitement filled the room for the O! Millionaire 110th Draw on June 20, 2024 as the winning numbers were revealed: 2, 8, 16, 20, 35, 37, 43.

As anticipation builds for the next Grand Prize winner, don’t forget the other exciting prizes up for grabs every Thursday only here at the World’s First Green Draw.

A big congratulations to Green Certificate ID DWXK U64N, our 110th Raffle Draw Winner of One Hundred Thousand Dirhams!

There’s always another chance to join the fun! Each O! Millionaire Green Certificate is your key to exciting prizes and the chance to make a difference.

Head over to the O! Millionaire website to find out more about the amazing prizes waiting for you!

About the Live Draw

O! Millionaire ignites our dreams with life-changing prizes, with the Grand Prize still waiting for its lucky winner! Every Thursday at 8 PM (GST), it’s not only a shot at fortune, but also an opportunity to share memories and celebrate together. Give the gift of excitement and a chance to win millions with friends and family.

Make a Difference! Purchase a Green Certificate for just 25 dirhams and contribute to environmental efforts.

Spread the fun of winning big and earn cash by joining the O! Millionaire Affiliate Program.

See our Quality Testing Process here and play with confidence.

Join the excitement every week!

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