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Omillionaire episode 82 Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 82: A Special Sustainability Anagram Episode

In a unique twist, Episode 82 of O! Millionaire, aptly themed as the “sustainability anagram episode,” mirrored the 28th United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP28) held in the United Arab Emirates for the year, emphasizing the importance of sustainability. This episode, reflecting the number 28 in reverse, symbolized extra fortune for participants and highlighted […]

Green-Certificate Blog

O! Millionaire: A Shariah-Compliant Environmental Initiative

Shariah Compliance in O! Millionaire O! Millionaire, renowned for its environmental initiatives, has achieved a significant milestone by aligning its operations with Shariah principles. This compliance ensures that O! Millionaire’s activities not only promote environmental well-being but also adhere to ethical standards rooted in Islamic values. Understanding Shariah Compliance Shariah compliance involves adhering to Islamic […]

episode 81 Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 81: Celebrating Dreams on the 52nd UAE National Day

O! Millionaire 81st episode is a special celebration of one very important occurrence in the history of the United Arab Emirates: its beginning. In a heartwarming tribute to the 52nd UAE National Day, O! Millionaire took to the streets to give back to the community, sharing the excitement and hope of winning life-changing prizes. Actor-environmentalist […]

episode 80 Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 80: Celebrating 80 Weeks of Green Impact and Grand Prizes

Episode 80 of O! Millionaire marks a significant milestone – 80 weeks of combining the thrill of winning with the mission of saving our planet. This episode not only offered the chance to win big but also highlighted the ongoing contributions to environmental sustainability through the Green Certificate program. Green Certificate ID: N5YK 55PW Grand […]

Pakistani winer Trending News

Second Prize Winner Muhammad Khalid’s Journey to O! Millionaire Glory in the UAE

In the recent weeks of O! Millionaire draws, our winner’s circle welcomed Muhammad Khalid, a proud national of Pakistan and a resident of the United Arab Emirates, as he took home the Second Prize worth 500,000 dirhams. Muhammad’s story adds a touch of excitement to the recent lucky streak, where winners were amazingly close to […]

episode 79 Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 79: Pakistani Winner Gets One Number Closer to the Grand Prize of 89 Million Dirhams

Episode 79 marks the last episode for the lucky seventy series, and the Grand Prize has reached 89 million dirhams. Participants await the winner announcement every Thursday on the greenest and biggest draw’s live broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. This episode does not only mark yet another Grand Prize increase by 500,000 dirhams but also […]

Episode 78 Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 78: Illuminating Diwali with a Grand Prize of 88.5 Million Dirhams

Episode 78 is a special celebration of Diwali, the Festival of Lights, where O! Millionaire embraced the spirit of this occasion and spread hope to thousands of participants. Diwali, a festival celebrated globally, symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness. Families come together to offer prayers, light oil lamps (diyas), and exchange warm wishes. In […]

Episode 76 Trending News

O! Millionaire Episode 76: A Special Tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In a heartfelt gesture, Episode 76 of O! Millionaire is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, celebrated throughout October. The usually green O! Millionaire stage highlighted pink, which serves as a touching tribute to the countless individuals who have shown immense courage and resilience in their battle against breast cancer. O! Millionaire finds this to […]