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O! Millionaire: A Shariah-Compliant Environmental Initiative


Shariah Compliance in O! Millionaire

O! Millionaire, renowned for its environmental initiatives, has achieved a significant milestone by aligning its operations with Shariah principles. This compliance ensures that O! Millionaire’s activities not only promote environmental well-being but also adhere to ethical standards rooted in Islamic values.

Understanding Shariah Compliance

Shariah compliance involves adhering to Islamic laws and principles. For O! Millionaire, this means conducting operations in a manner that is not only eco-friendly but also morally and ethically sound according to Islamic teachings. This commitment to Shariah compliance signifies respect for cultural and religious values, enhancing the initiative’s integrity and appeal.

Certification Details

·     Issuing Authority: Hadi Abu Ghazala Legal Translation, in collaboration with the Government of Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department.

·         Date of Certification: 29 Jumada al-Thani 1442 A.H. (11/02/2021 A.D.).

·         Fatwa Number: 35/2021.

Context and Mission

O! Millionaire’s journey towards Shariah compliance is rooted in a deep commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, aligning with the cultural and religious ethos of the UAE. This initiative is not just about organizing events or distributing prizes; it is a comprehensive approach to embody eco-friendly and ethical practices in all aspects of operation. By seeking guidance from Islamic scholars, O! Millionaire ensures that its activities, including the promotion of environmentally friendly products and prize distributions, are conducted in a manner that upholds Islamic principles of fairness, transparency, and social responsibility. This harmonization of environmental sustainability with Islamic ethics forms the cornerstone of O! Millionaire’s mission, reflecting a dedication to contributing positively to the community and the planet. The certification process, detailed and thorough, not only validated the alignment with Shariah principles but also reinforced O! Millionaire’s role as a pioneer in integrating environmental advocacy with respect for religious and ethical values.


The Shariah compliance of O! Millionaire is a testament to its dedication to ethical, sustainable practices. This harmonious blend of environmental and Islamic principles underlines O! Millionaire’s commitment to being a forward-thinking, inclusive initiative. O! Millionaire extends its gratitude to its supporters and clients for their continued trust and encouragement in this green journey.


  1. Avatar

    Ankush Dutta

    December 8, 2023

    One of the best thing about this draw is it aims to make millionaire keeping religious beliefs intacts.

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