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Your Ultimate Guidebook to #WinYourBestLife with O! Millionaire

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Winning is subjective; for some, it is buying their dream house with the Grand Prize now worth over seventy million dirhams, and for others, it is through making a positive impact. At O! Millionaire, it is possible to win your best life in all kinds of ways. Of course, the organization prioritizes saving the planet through the Green Certificates and eco-oriented merchandise; but at the same time, O! Millionaire is people-centered, rewarding pro-environment choices through the Raffle Draw, Grand Draw, Quiz Of The Day, and Live Quiz. Do note that you can only win if you play, so we compiled a list of ways for you to enjoy what we offer!

1. BOOST the Grand Prize.

The current winning amount is already enticing, but you can even make that bigger! You have no limits in dreaming. Whether you want a house, a new car, quality education, or all of the mentioned, you can afford them when you DOUBLE the Grand Prize for an additional AED 12.50 and SECURE it for yourself — no sharing with other winners — for only AED 7.50.

2. Stay tuned to the Live Draw.

Maradona is a fantastic host, but other than that, we have many fun activities during the Live Draw! Every Thursday at 8:00 PM (UAE Time), you can watch our random generator select the Raffle Draw winner who will bring home AED 100,000. Afterward, you can see all seven numbers for the Grand Prize being drawn one by one for maximum transparency! You have the chance to win these prizes weekly, but you may ensure that you won’t go home without something by joining the Live Quiz! It’s simple: just comment your answers on the Comments’ Section of either YouTube or Facebook. Plus, we give new fun facts about how you can enjoy O! Millionaire with more winnings or on how to use it to bond with your friends and family.

3. Play the Quiz Of The Day every Friday.

Want to get Green Certificates but don’t have the budget yet? You can win AED 50 from our Friday quizzes! Now, we want to share our love with you even more, so we give away select merchandise from, too!

4. Join the O! Millionaire Shop Affiliate Program.

Have you browsed our O! Millionaire Shop? You can easily become a brand ambassador for every purchase, with proceeds going to our Oasis Park vision! Just tag us on our socials, and we will repost your photos! But using social media can be another way for you to earn if you join our affiliate program. You can get a commission for every successful purchase using your link.

Isn’t that wonderful? But then again, you cannot win if you don’t play. So go ahead and visit and buy your Green Certificates at to start a path toward your best life!


  1. Avatar

    Husnain Malik

    April 19, 2023


    • Avatar


      April 19, 2023

      Good game indeed, Husnain. Are you ready for Thursday’s draw?

  2. Avatar

    Rahul Patel

    April 19, 2023

    As a regular participant in the O! Millionaire draw, I eagerly awaited Thursday’s drawing. 😊

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