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Did You Know You Can Share O! Millionaire Credits with a Friend?

share omillionaire credits

Saving the planet while winning your best life sounds fantastic, but it would be more fulfilling when you and your loved ones could work together. Well, anything is possible through the  O! Millionaire website. In only a few steps, you can kickstart your friends or families’ participation in our growing global Green Initiative, Oasis Park.

1. Top-Up Your O! Millionaire Wallet.

The more you have, the more you can give. If you already have a balance in your wallet, perhaps due to previous transactions and winnings, you can skip this part and start sharing the gift of green!

2. Transfer Your Credits to a Family and Friend’s Account.

After you encouraged your loved ones to register at the website, you only need their phone numbers or email addresses to push through with ‘User Transfer,’ which you will see beside the ‘Add Credit’ option at You will be redirected to a page to input user details and the amount you want to give them. Finish the process by clicking the ‘Continue to Transfer’ button on the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Start playing and planting every Thursday.

Our already fun live draws on Thursdays could become more enjoyable when you watch them with your family and friends. Let them know that their participation through the Green Certificates is a significant contribution to the Oasis Park vision, with one entry corresponding to one tree. You may browse together to learn more about your collective efforts in making the planet a better home for all.

Now, you’re ready to #WinYourBestLife. Stay tuned to our Live Draws every Thursday at 8:00 PM (UAE) by visiting Youtube and Facebook. Who knows? Other than the Raffle Draw prize of AED 100,000 and the current Grand Prize now worth over 70 million dirhams, you can also bring home merchandise from through the Live Quiz and enjoy being brand ambassadors together!


  1. Avatar


    April 25, 2023

    Good ?

    • Avatar


      April 25, 2023

      Thanks for your support, Leijnas! Did you buy Green Certificates for Thursday’s draw yet? ✨

  2. Avatar

    Veronica Rose

    April 25, 2023

    I must say, this is quite intriguing.

  3. Avatar

    Omer Farooq

    April 25, 2023

    WOW 😍

  4. Avatar

    Rahul Patel

    April 25, 2023

    My friends and I shared credits, and we all enjoyed participating. ❤️

  5. Avatar

    Abhishek tomy

    April 25, 2023

    Thank you o millionaire ! Thank you for approving and sharing the credit to my cousin ! Luckily she won aed 500 last week draw 🙂

  6. Avatar


    April 25, 2023

    wow, I just tried and it works! My friend is happy now.

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