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O! Millionaire Episode 99: Witness the Unique Ramadan Tradition of Egypt and the incredible AED 99 MILLION Grand Prize awaits!

Omillionaire Draw 99 - Winning Numbers

This week, The O! Millionaire Grand Prize has skyrocketed to AED 99 million! Every Thursday at 8 PM (GST), players eagerly anticipate the Live Draw, where the excitement of winning intertwines with the vibrant celebration of Ramadan in Egypt. April is a significant month, symbolizing rebirth and renewal with the arrival of the spring season.  It’s the best time for us to join our Muslim brothers and sisters in celebrating Eid al Fitr in just a week. What’s more, April marks a major milestone for us as we gear up for our 100th episode!

Omillionaire Draw 99 - Winning Numbers

Green Certificate ID: VZUX HS2G

Grand Prize Winning Numbers: 6 • 14 • 27 • 31 • 34 • 36 • 41

O! Millionaire celebrates with our Muslim brothers and sisters in Egypt for the holy month of Ramadan

As we have come together to experience Ramadan around the world, we feature Egypt, known as the Land of Pharaohs and a Thousand Suns. The country offers a rich Islamic heritage for travelers to explore. The holy month sees an arrival of tourists drawn to iconic landmarks like the pyramids and temples.

Many mosques extend their generosity by providing free meals during the last 10 days of Ramadan, fostering a strong sense of community and giving. Similar to Oasis Park, where we aim to give back to Mother Nature through healing the lands and the oceans. This sense of community and giving is the foundation of this green initiative.

O! Millionaire joins in celebrating Ramadan’s core values of peace, reflection, and community alongside our Muslim friends around the world.

Watch the full video to learn more about the Ramadan Around the World featuring Egypt.

For those who missed the excitement of the Live Draw on April 4, 2024, on Facebook and YouTube, the entire episode can be watched on the new O! Millionaire Live Watch page or by clicking here.

The Seven Winning Numbers for Episode 99

The #OMillionaire Green Initiative Draw is a multi-platform draw that offers exciting prizes to participants on a weekly basis. It is the greenest draw on Earth, aiming to improve lives and make dreams come true for winners, all while creating Oasis Park – a state-of-the-art greener reality where millions of trees are expected to thrive, one per purchase of the Green Certificate. The Live Draw takes place every Thursday at 8 PM (GST) and offers a thrilling experience, with actor-environmentalist Maradona Rebello as the host. It has become a big hit among participants, attracting people from all walks of life due to an excellent opportunity to participate in a global Green Initiative while standing a chance to their best lives.

During the latest draw on April 4, 2024, O! Millionaire’s Facebook live stream revealed the winning number combination for the week: 6, 14, 27, 31, 34, 36, 41. Participants holding tickets with matching numbers stand a chance to claim the remarkable AED 99 million Grand Prize.

Winning with O! Millionaire has become even more accessible with the introduction of the Double and Secure the Grand Prize options, allowing participants to double their potential winnings and increase their chances of claiming the Grand Prize without having to share with others who have the same seven-number combination. So, in this draw the winner gets AED 198 million. 

But the excitement doesn’t end there, owning a Green Certificate opens doors to incredible prizes. Every week, O! Millionaire selects a Green Certificate holder to receive a Raffle Prize worth AED 100,000. This week’s lucky Green Certificate ID is VZUX HS2G.

Even if you only match 3 out of the 7 numbers, you still stand a chance to win exciting prizes from O! Millionaire. Winners can conveniently verify their prizes at, where updates are automatically reflected after the draw.

About the Live Draw

The #OMillionaire Green Draw is a game-changer, adding extra to the ordinary, and turning dreams into reality. While the Grand Prize remains unclaimed, numerous participants have already secured thrilling prizes.

In partnership with Oasis Park, we support sustainability and improving lives. Each purchase of Green Certificates available for as little as AED 25 equals a tree planted to build Oasis Park. This tangible impact is what O! Millionaire aspires to achieve, that everyone can make their dreams a reality. Fostering a healthier planet is even more enjoyable when you have the chance to Win Your Best Life

At O! Millionaire, transparency and fairness are paramount. Participants can witness the rigorous quality-checking process by clicking here.

Are you ready for the 100th draw? Stay tuned!

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  1. Avatar

    Amir Abbas Soomro

    April 5, 2024

    The more money you add the more chances of winning will be increased. Thanks for caring your O! Millionaire community

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