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O! Millionaire Episode 98: Join the Holi fun and enter the draw for a chance to win the AED 98.5 Million Grand Prize!


O! Millionaire—not only is it one of the easiest ways to be rich and improve your life but it also changes the planet.

The Grand Prize keeps increasing every single week until it reaches AED 100 million. This week, the prize has been raised to AED 98.5 million! Participants wait for the weekly announcement of these winning numbers every Thursday during the Live Draw at 8 PM (GST) hosted by actor-environmentalist Maradona Rebello.

This week is not just for celebrating the increase in the Grand Prize but also O! Millionaire’s partnership with Oasis Park, which shows its dedication to sustainability and protecting the environment.

Did you know that by buying Green Certificates, you can contribute to the betterment of the environment? Through purchasing Green Certificates, you are promoting a healthier and greener planet through renewable energies and advanced water systems that generate water from thin air.

Participants may also purchase gift cards and eco-friendly gifts from O! Millionaire shop if they want to make a huge difference to the planet.

In case you’re wondering about where to get the real-time updates on winning numbers as well as the Green Certificate, don’t worry. Just head to O! Millionaire’s official Instagram account and check your luck!

O! Millionaire celebrates a colorful Holi festival

The Holi Festival is a cultural celebration that marks the arrival of spring. But more than that, it allows everyone to enjoy a fun banter with other people, throwing colored water and powder at each other. 

There are different meanings for each color: blue embodies the depth of faith, while green symbolizes happiness and nature. Just like O! Millionaire, its green balls represent the earth’s lushness, while blue symbolizes the water of life.

By buying Green Certificates for as low as AED 25, participants can easily be a part of O! Millionaire and Oasis Park’s mission to transform the wilderness into a sea of trees, making the planet healthier and better.

Watch the full video to learn more about the partnership of Holi Festival and Oasis Park:

The seven winning numbers for episode 98

During the latest draw on March 28, 2024, O! Millionaire’s live stream on Facebook announced the week’s winning number combination: 2, 4, 7, 14, 27, 40, 44. Participants with matching numbers will bring home the AED 98.5 million Grand Prize!


Green Certificate ID: 7552 78T5

Grand Prize Winning Numbers: 2 • 4 • 7 • 14 • 27 • 40 • 44

And just by having a Green Certificate, you can win amazing prizes! Every week, O! Millionaire chooses a Green Certificate holder to receive a Raffle Prize worth AED 100,000. This week’s Green Certificate 7552 78T5.

Winning with O! Millionaire is now much easier with the Double and Secure the Grand Prize options, allowing participants to double their potential winnings and get more chances of winning the Grand Prize. The best thing is that they do not have to split their chances with others who have the same seven-number combination, allowing them to get more chances of winning.

Therefore, participants with just 3 out of 7 matching numbers can also win huge prizes from O! Millionaire. The lucky winners can use this convenient link at to get updates automatically after the draw.

For those who missed the Live Draw streamed on Facebook and YouTube, participants can watch the entire episode on the all-new O! Millionaire Live Watch page or click here:

About the Live Draw

The #OMillionaire Green Draw is known for providing its winners with life-changing experiences. It’s incredible to see how these prizes transform the lives of participants, giving them a chance to pursue their dreams and live the life they have always wanted. Although no one has won the Grand Prize yet, there have been numerous winners who matched six out of seven numbers. Every week, the Raffle Draw also guarantees one Green Certificate holder a prize of AED 100,000. Testimonies can be seen at the O! Millionaire YouTube channel as well.

Transparency lies at the heart of O! Millionaire’s ethos. O! Millionaire understands the importance of transparency in this pursuit, and it goes to great lengths to ensure that the draws are conducted fairly. The public can watch the quality-checking process here.

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