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O! Millionaire Celebrates 52nd UAE National Day with the Community



In the spirit of giving and celebration, O! Millionaire took the initiative this 52nd UAE National Day to give back to the hardworking individuals around us. The aim was to share the joy and excitement of potentially winning life-changing prizes and to connect with the dreams and aspirations of people who contribute tirelessly to our community.

Spreading Smiles and Dreams

Actor-environmentalist Maradona Rebello represented O! Millionaire in this heartwarming interview. He interacted with people from various backgrounds, posing a simple yet profound question: “What would you do if you won 100 million dirhams?” The answers not only showcased diverse dreams but also reflected the shared hope and ambition that binds our community.

Aspirations of a Community

The responses varied widely, illustrating the unique desires and needs of each individual. Some dreamt of buying their own car and splurging on their wishes, while others saw it as an opportunity to start a company. There were those who wished for tangible items like a car, an iPhone, a house, or a bike. Then there were heartwarming aspirations, like bringing their family to Dubai or helping as many people as possible.

O! Millionaire: Facilitating Dreams

These interactions were more than just conversations; they were a reflection of what O! Millionaire stands for – turning dreams into reality. Whether it’s the dream of owning a luxury item or the desire to bring loved ones closer, O! Millionaire provides a platform where such dreams have the potential to come true.


The 52nd UAE National Day was not just a celebration of the nation’s formation; it was a day where O! Millionaire reaffirmed its commitment to being a catalyst for fulfilling aspirations. Every participant in the O! Millionaire draw carries a dream, and with each draw, we come closer to making yet another dream a reality.

Be part of this journey of dreams and possibilities. Visit O! Millionaire’s website to learn more about how you can participate in our draws. Purchase a Green Certificate and take a step towards potentially winning your best life, while contributing to a greater cause.

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