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O! Millionaire Episode 102: Make Every Play Count for Earth Day: Join The World’s First Green Draw, O! Millionaire


The winning energy was amping up this Thursday’s Earth Day Episode 102. Players were geared up for some record-breaking achievements! The Grand Prize has climbed to AED 100 Million and will remain that way until a lucky winner claims it all.

Celebrate Earth Day with a chance to win big! In honor of the occasion, Maradona Rebello, our actor-environmentalist host, gave away free plays during the live draw by scanning the QR code within 10 seconds.  Remember, every O! Millionaire player contributes to a greener planet through our #OasisPark movement.

Much added excitement comes from the launching of the O! Millionaire App, bringing everyone closer to winning! Only one download away from Google Play. Don’t miss out on all the excitement!

 On top of everything else, there’s a guaranteed winner EVERY WEEK in our raffle! Was the night just destined for lucky stars, or could it be YOU?


Green Certificate ID: DGU6 D2CP

Grand Prize Winning Numbers: 3 • 7 • 10 • 16 • 23 • 35 • 43

O! Millionaire boosts players’ winning journey – life-changing opportunity is now in your pockets

O! Millionaire is a worldwide winning platform that gives you the chance to #WinYourBestLfe. Through the O! Millionaire App, it puts the power to win BIG in the palm of your hand.

Flexibility meets opportunity. Never miss a draw again with the O! Millionaire App. Purchase a Green Certificate anytime, anywhere, and manage your plays with ease.

The O! Millionaire app, connects us closer to the journey of winning Big.  Every draw is your chance to become an instant millionaire. Track your numbers with ease, whether it’s checking past plays or anticipating the next draw. Experience the live draw right on the app for added excitement!

Spread the dream! Top up your account or transfer credit to friends and family using the O! Millionaire App. Play together and increase your chances of winning as a team!

Download the app (available on Google Play) and unlock a world of exciting possibilities.

Watch the full video showcasing the O! Millionaire App and all it has to offer.

Relive the excitement from the 102nd Episode on April 25, 2024, on the O! Millionaire Live Watch page or YouTube channel.

The Seven Winning Numbers for Episode 102

Dreaming of transforming your life? Every Thursday at 8 PM (GST), O! Millionaire offers that chance with its massive prizes. But O! Millionaire is more than just winning big. It’s about building a better future for all. Beyond the celebration of Earth Day, O! Millionaire continues the global movement of healing the Earth.

Ever since O! Millionaire and Oasis Park’s green initiative, we’ve been planting 500 trees in India every week. That’s a total of 51,800 trees planted, and the count keeps growing!

Join our green mission! With a simple AED 25 Green Certificate purchase, you can contribute to planting trees and a healthier planet – a cause that resonates with people worldwide.

O! Millionaire is your chance to win life-changing money while making a lasting impact – a truly unique and incredible experience.


The suspense was electric during the April 25, 2024 live stream as the winning numbers were announced: 3, 7, 10, 16, 23, 35, 43! These lucky numbers held the key to a life-changing AED 100 Million Grand Prize.

Of course, here at O! Millionaire we can always GO BIGGER. The Double & Secure option lets you potentially double your winnings to a mind-blowing AED 200 million!

The good news doesn’t stop there! Every week, O! Millionaire selects a lucky Green Certificate holder to win a fantastic AED 100,000 Raffle Prize. Congratulations to Green Certificate ID DGU6 D2CP for this week’s win!

O! Millionaire is about making dreams a reality, so, take your chance and head over here to see all the exciting rewards you could win!

Winners can easily check their winnings in their online wallet at The site automatically updates after each draw, so you’ll always know if you’re the lucky winner.

About the Live Draw

O! Millionaire is all about weaving dreams with green threads. When you join O! Millionaire for just AED 25, you’re not just playing for a fortune, you’re planting the seeds of a healthier planet with our #OasisPark initiative. Win big and leave a positive footprint – that’s the O! Millionaire way!

Worried about fairness? Don’t sweat it! Transparency is our top priority. Dive into our detailed quality check process here and play with complete peace of mind.

Are you ready for more millionaire magic? Stay tuned!


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