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Second Prize Winner Muhammad Khalid’s Journey to O! Millionaire Glory in the UAE

Pakistani winer

In the recent weeks of O! Millionaire draws, our winner’s circle welcomed Muhammad Khalid, a proud national of Pakistan and a resident of the United Arab Emirates, as he took home the Second Prize worth 500,000 dirhams. Muhammad’s story adds a touch of excitement to the recent lucky streak, where winners were amazingly close to seizing the Grand Prize worth 89 million dirhams.

Lucky 9: Nine Years in the UAE, 500,000 Dirhams on the Ninth Green Certificate

Having called the UAE home for nearly a decade, Muhammad celebrated a significant milestone on his 9th Green Certificate. Could the number nine be a charm in his journey to success? Perhaps it could be, considering that he got one number closer to the biggest Grand Prize on earth.

A Casual Dinner Reminder: How Muhammad Found Out He Won

In a casual dinner conversation with his wife, Muhammad suddenly remembered something important—he had purchased Green Certificates for the O! Millionaire Draw on August 31, 2023 but had not checked the results yet and was not able to watch the Live Draw on that fateful Thursday. The revelation turned into joy when he discovered 500,000 dirhams waiting in his O! Millionaire wallet.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Muhammad could not contain his tears. His wife, witnessing the outpouring of emotions, expressed concern. Muhammad asked his wife to sit down with him so that they could re-check at the same time. The prize was still there, waiting to be spent on their dreams. It was a life-changing day for the two.

Win Your Best Life While Working on a Green Purpose: Why Muhammad Joined O! Millionaire

Expressing his happiness, Muhammad invited other participants to remain hopeful and join the journey towards a greener planet and a better future. According to him, “[Your] money will never go to waste because [O! Millionaire] uses it to save our planet.”

O! Millionaire is currently the primary sponsor of Oasis Park, an afforestation and renewable energy initiative. Oasis Park seeks to transform desert lands into thriving forests. It will be the first self-sustaining green sanctuary, being powered by renewable energies coming from inexhaustible sources like wind and the Sun. The forest will also have its own atmospheric water generators (AWGs) to generate water supply. The excess will be distributed to surrounding communities.

A Heartfelt Interview: Insights into Muhammad’s O! Millionaire Experience

Curious to delve deeper into Muhammad Khalid’s O! Millionaire experience? Watch the exclusive interview to witness the genuine emotions and the impact of contributing to a greater cause. Muhammad’s story is not just a tale of personal victory but a testament to the transformative power of O! Millionaire in changing lives and making a positive impact on our planet.

Watch the full interview here to learn more about our winner’s background.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and life-changing moments with O! Millionaire. Your journey to your dream life starts here, coupled with the chance to contribute to a greener, more sustainable world!


  1. Avatar

    Wednesday Abbams

    November 21, 2023

    He’s one lucky guy! :O Maybe I could win too!!

  2. Avatar


    November 21, 2023

    I am also trying my luck hope to win soon.

  3. Avatar

    Shd Elia

    November 21, 2023

    It is a great pleasure to witness Khalid bhai achievements, I hope I also turn out to be a grand price winner.

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