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Courtney Chadwick: The First Ever O! Millionaire AED 100,000 Winner

The First Ever O! Millionaire Raffle Draw Winner

Working mother Courtney Chadwick became the first-ever raffle draw winner at O! Millionaire. After living in Oman for four years to earn for her two sons, winning the amount of AED 100,000 was a big help.

Other than loving her motherhood role, Courtney is among those who show great appreciation of nature, even before she discovered O! Millionaire.

The First Ever O! Millionaire Raffle Draw Winner

“I am an avid bird watcher. I love the outdoor life. I am a scuba diver,” she confidently stated as she recalled her favorite activities.

Furthermore, Courtney shared how her hometown valued the green initiative. “I come from South Africa where national parks, being outside, greenery, and the environment is a big part of our lives.”

She found out about O! Millionaire’s own Green Initiative on a Wednesday before the first draw, whereby she bought three and encouraged her husband to buy one more.

“My children helped me choose the numbers … based on birthdays, and then they also just chose some random numbers,” Courtney’s husband opened up about how O! Millionaire draws immediately became a family thing. “My oldest son was disappointed when we did not get the numbers, and he started crying.”

It was a surprise to the three boys of the family that Courtney won. Even she took a while to believe it. But when it finally sunk in, she could not think of anything but her children and their future.

“This is such a great opportunity for me to invest in their education.”

As she concluded, Courtney expressed her strong desire to keep joining the O! Millionaire draws not only from a financial point of view but also from the company’s dedication to making the planet greener.

“To be a part of this and be able to give back even more now, I’ve been put in a very fortunate position,” she said.

What’s your O! Millionaire story? Continue playing and planting with us every Thursday, and get your Green Certificates at!

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