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O! Millionaire Episode 108: Win Big & Make A Difference! Maximize Your Chances with Consistency

June 6 - Winning Nos

Get ready for another thrilling Thursday! The O! Millionaire Grand Prize remains a massive One Hundred Million Dirhams, your chance to #WinYourBestLife! And boost your odds even higher with Double & Secure. Double your winning and take home an incredible Two Hundred Million Dirhams!

O! Millionaire joins the world in celebrating World Environment Day 2024! Our tree-planting project with Oasis Park helps fight soil erosion, desertification, and drought – all key issues this year. Every AED 25 Green Certificate you buy helps plant trees.

Get involved! Register at and buy your Green Certificate today. It’s your chance to win big and make a positive impact!

Looking for tips? Catch Episode 4 of the O! Millionaire Podcast on YouTube and Spotify. CEO Ralph Martin shared strategies to boost your winning chances!

June 6 - Winning Nos

Green Certificate ID:42F9 X2SD

Grand Prize Winning Numbers: 1 • 2 • 6 • 9• 12 •30 • 43

O! Millionaire Brings You Tips on Boosting Your Odds of Winning Big

Episode 4 of the O! Millionaire Podcast tackles a surprising strategy: sticking with your lucky numbers! While lotteries are based on chance, CEO Ralph Martin argues that consistency could be beneficial. He uses the analogy of rolling dice – even though each roll is unpredictable, rolling the same dice repeatedly increases your familiarity with the possible outcomes. Similarly, sticking with your chosen numbers over time could increase your chances of eventually seeing them drawn.

The key takeaway? Consistency and patience might be your secret weapons! However, to avoid sharing a win, Ralph suggests picking numbers above 30 to lessen the chances of them including with popular birthdates.

Want to know more about the O! Millionaire Podcast Episode 4? Watch the full video here:

Rewind 108th Draw Episode here.

The Seven Winning Numbers for Episode 108

O! Millionaire is your global platform to chase that dream! Every Thursday at 8 PM (GST), actor-environmentalist and host Maradona Rebello brings you to a thrilling night where you can play for a life-changing One Hundred Million Dirhams Grand Prize!

Sharing the dream is just as exciting as winning it! It’s never too late to start planning – get your Get your Green Certificate today and who knows what luck awaits you. You could be the next big winner!

O! Millionaire Draw 108

The excitement was electric during the 108th O! Millionaire Draw Live Stream on June 6, 2024 as the winning numbers were revealed: 1, 2, 6, 9, 12, 30, and 43!

While you shoot for the Grand Prize, each week O! Millionaire selects a lucky winner for the Raffle Draw of One Hundred Thousand Dirhams. This Thursday, a big shoutout to the player with Green Certificate ID 42F9 X2SD – enjoy your well-deserved celebration!

Could YOU be the next ONE?

Every O! Millionaire Green Certificate is your chance to win exciting prizes and live the dream. Visit the O! Millionaire website today for amazing prizes awaiting you.

About the Live Draw

O! Millionaire is with you on winning big, changing your life, and the planet. Every Thursday at 8 PM (GST), as the Grand Prize still waits for a lucky one, a lot of players have been winning cool prizes from our weekly draws.

Go beyond the winning streak and earn with the O! Millionaire Affiliate Program, expand your reach to riches!

Don’t forget to stick with your favorite picks! Learn how you can boost your chances of winning big with O! Millionaire Podcast, tune in every Saturday. Get your Green Certificate for just 25 dirhams. Each entry counts for something big.

See how we ensure fairness with our Quality Testing Process here.

Plant the seed of your future today!

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