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O! Millionaire Episode 105: Win Big and Make a Difference: Your Chance to Be a Millionaire While Making a Positive Impact

episode 105 winning numbers

This Thursday night we invite you to another exciting experience only here at the World’s First Green Draw. O! Millionaire offers a captivating chance to win the Grand Prize still at a life-changing AED 100 Million! And who doesn’t love to double the winnings? With O! Millionaire’s Double & Secure option, you take home AED 200 Million! With every entry for as little, you contribute to Oasis Park’s mission to plant trees in arid regions and help combat climate change.

We are also happy to announce the launch of O! Millionaire Podcast! Tune in every Saturday for inspiring stories, and valuable insights to maximize your chances of success. Break free and stay motivated. Listen now to the pilot episode: Why is Lottery not Gambling

episode 105 winning numbers

Green Certificate ID: 7Q6C YY39

Grand Prize Winning Numbers: 4 • 14 • 26 • 27• 32 •40 • 42

O! Millionaire gives you the chance to Change Your Life for 25 Dirhams

Where could 25 dirhams truly take you?

Feel the thrill of winning big in your life and those around you, that’s the magic of the O! Millionaire Green Certificate!

Your small investment gives you a chance to win 100 Million Dirhams in the Grand Draw. You even have the option to double it and win 200 Million Dirhams! All of that, while becoming an environmental hero. Each Green Certificate contributes to Oasis Park’s reforestation efforts, turning arid areas into vibrant green landscapes. Every tree planted is a step toward a greener future.

The first step to transforming the world is now in your pockets. Purchase your Green Certificates today for just 25 dirhams.

Learn more about the wonderful work of O! Millionaire’s Green Certificate:

Rewind the joy of the 105th Episode here:

The Seven Winning Numbers for Episode 105

O! Millionaire is the global platform where everyone has the chance to become a multi-millionaire! Play for a chance to win up to AED 100 Million and reach for your dream life. Remember that winning with O! Millionaire isn’t just about luck. It’s about unlocking a future filled with possibilities.

Hosted by the renowned actor and environmentalist, Maradona Rebello, who brings you a thrilling experience and lasting impact of a chance to win big.

It has been the foundation of O! Millionaire to support something bigger than ourselves. In partnership with Oasis Park, we strive to plan trees with each Green Certificate. Each entry opens up to multiple levels of prizes and a door to a greener future.

Don’t wait for another day. Join O! Millionaire today and become a winner – who knows what destiny holds for you?   Visit the O! Millionaire Website to learn more about Green Certificates and the amazing prizes waiting for you. 

O! Millionaire - Draw 105

The excitement was intense during the 105th Draw Live Stream on May 16, 2024!  The winning number for this week came out as 4, 14, 26, 27, 32, 40, 42.

Each week we celebrate one raffle winner.  This week, a lucky player with Green Certificate ID 7Q6C YY39 claimed the guaranteed Raffle Prize of AED 100,000! Congratulations!

Worry not as after each draw, your O! Millionaire wallet automatically updates, so you’ll always be informed of any potential winnings.

About the Live Draw

There’s an old saying: “Knowledge is the only treasure that follows you everywhere.” It’s true! Knowledge empowers you to pursue your dreams, no matter your age or background.

The O! Millionaire Podcast is designed to do just that. We provide knowledge and inspiration to help you on your journey towards financial freedom and achieving your lifelong aspirations.

We understand life can be hectic. There’s never a “perfect time” to start something new. But the O! Millionaire Podcast offers a simple solution. In just a few minutes, you can relax while gaining valuable insights, plus you stay motivated.

For a as little as AED 25, you can join the O! Millionaire community and take control of your future. Plus, leaving a positive mark on the world is more than easy now.

Learn more about our quality-checking process here and play with confidence.

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