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Indian National Ajin Kumar Wins OMR 25,000 After Showing His Pro-Environment Spirit

Ajin Vijay Kumar

Muscat, Oman – Ajin Vijay Kumar, our 2nd Prize winner from Trivandrum, Kerala, joined us in an inspiring interview to share his O! Millionaire journey.

Living in Oman for six years, he led a simple life as a construction worker. Ajin’s life changed for the better when his friend introduced the Green Initiative with which O! Millionaire is affiliated.

Without any intention to win big, he joined out of the sheer desire to contribute to saving the planet. In general, Ajin also thinks that it is a “good weekly program,” with the draw becoming one of his weekly hobbies.
Ajin Vijay Kumar

“I’m very happy to have contributed to the Oasis Park Project,” Ajin shared enthusiastically before talking about the Green Certificate and how it gives everyone a fair chance to win. As a way to bond, he invited his friends to join the green initiative.

“The odds of winning every week remain the same. We have weekly winners.”

To win the Grand Prize, players only have to match seven numbers regardless of order! No one goes home without anything because there are still prizes for matching 3 digits up!

Ajin matched six out of seven numbers and split the winnings with another player, Parveen Kumar. If he selected the ‘secure the Grand Prize’ option, he would have had the entire OMR 50,000! That’s more than enough for him to build the home of his dreams and support his family through a small business.

His advice: “Continue participating every week, and you’ll win one day. Contribute to the Oasis Park Project every week.”

There is more to life than having infinite amounts of money, especially when the priority is to make Earth more breathable and sustainable.


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    February 28, 2023


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