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Plant-Lover Dr. Rao Sreenivasa Wins AED 100,000 Because of His Love for the Green Initiative


Expat Dr. Rao Sreenivasa became the Episode 5 Raffle Draw winner of AED 100,000 after discovering O! Millionaire through a Facebook advertisement. Initially, he got hooked after seeing that our team has an Oasis Park vision to make the Earth greener by planting trees.

“I belong to a state known as Andhra Pradesh in India, which is agriculturally rich. We are farmers,” Dr. Rao stated before sharing how his entire family grew rice, lemons, and mangoes.


Like O! Millionaire, Dr. Rao dreams of creating his version of the Oasis Park – a 10-acre Miyawaki fruit forest in his hometown. At the time of the interview, he was already halfway through his goal. That made our Green Initiative close to his heart, motivating him to join.

“I purchased the Green Certificate two days before the Raffle Draw, and I am so happy to be here.”

He had just completed his shift as a doctor in Oman and was resting before the announcement of the lucky winner on June 16, 2022. When Dr. Rao got a call at 9:00 in the evening, he was shocked and excited since he simply joined the weekly draw due to his similar goals with O! Millionaire.

“I immediately called my parents. I told my father to sit down first, so I could tell him. He was so happy and told me that it was God’s grace. We can make our lives better with this money.”

Supporting initiatives that help make the environment more beautiful and breathable is a beautiful act. Toward the end of the interview, Dr. Rao encouraged everyone to buy Green Certificates at He said that the purpose of joining is to contribute to a green future and winning the Raffle Draw or the Grand Prize is a bonus.

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