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10-time Winner Debande Proves Winning is Easy at O! Millionaire

10-time winner

In a recent captivating interview, actor-environmentalist Maradona Rebello sat down with a remarkable woman, Debande from Cameroon, who is not only a mother of two but also a business owner. Debande’s enthusiasm and candidness are truly memorable, making this chat a joy to watch. See full interview here

“It was like a WOW moment to me,” Debande exclaims as she recalls the thrilling instant she discovered she was the lucky winner of O! Millionaire’s Episode 62 raffle draw. She initially did not realize her victory. It was when her friends, all of whom had been part of O! Millionaire for over a year, started to notice her Green Certificate ID matching the one on the screen. With excitement, they encouraged her to check her account at And there it was, a sum of 100,000 dirhams!

“We did it,” she declared, reflecting the camaraderie that can be found in groups of friends and fellow O! Millionaire enthusiasts who’ve shared in the journey of anticipation.

As the conversation continued, Debande shared an interesting revelation. This was not her first win with O! Millionaire. In a previous game last December 2022, she had matched five numbers. She described the event, saying, “I was in the shop, and I just chose numbers randomly.” This seemingly simple act illustrates the user-friendly nature of the O! Millionaire website, where anyone can try their luck at life-changing winnings. Explore the randomize option when you purchase Green Certificates.

Debande, as it turns out, has a knack for winning, having matched three numbers for eight times throughout her journey with O! Millionaire. It’s a testament to the fact that, indeed, it is very easy to win the Grand Draw.

Yet, what truly stood out in the interview was Debande’s spirit of sharing and collaboration. She explained her strategy – sharing her winnings with her group of friends. By doing so, they collectively increase their chances of success, turning every draw into a joint investment.

And when asked about her plans for the substantial prize money, Debande’s response was heartwarming: “I’m going to use the money to take care of my kids and give them what they desire.” Her commitment to her family’s happiness and well-being are evident.

She leaves a powerful message: “Who doesn’t like to win? And if you don’t play, you can’t win.” In these simple yet powerful words, Debande explains the essence of O! Millionaire. It’s a platform that offers not just a chance to win big but also to experience the thrill, camaraderie, and joy of winning with friends. Debande’s journey is a testament to the incredible stories that are told every day on O! Millionaire, proving that life-changing moments can come when you least expect them.

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