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The O! Millionaire Guide to Living A Sustainable Lifestyle

O! Millionaire Sustainable Lifestyle poster

It has been a year since O! Millionaire set on its Green Initiative journey, and Oasis Park has significantly grown. As one of our supporters, you have helped change the world somehow and make it a more sustainable home for all through your Green Certificates. Other than participating in the most eco-friendly draw, you have also been spreading the word regarding what we can do to help via your purchases at, with proceeds going to the further expansion of our Oasis Park vision. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of ways to help. This time, it can begin with you!

O! Millionaire Sustainable Lifestyle poster

Here is a list of things you can do to start living a sustainable lifestyle in mid-2023. If you are already practicing some of these, let’s make this more fun by getting a pen and paper, making a checklist, and ticking off everything you tried!

1. Bring your water bottle.

Be very mindful of purchasing single-use bottles. It takes so much energy to produce this plastic in factories, fill the bottles with water, and distribute them locally and internationally. When you drink from a reusable tumbler, you also support global initiatives on saving marine ecosystems.

2. Reduce your meat consumption.

The processing of meat is very energy-consuming. You don’t have to remove farmed animal meat entirely from your diet, but you may shift to seafood options once or twice a week. Fishing has a lower carbon footprint.

3. Buy just enough.

Eating sustainably is possible when you only fill your refrigerators and pantries with enough food for the week to avoid spoilage. You can also opt not to buy food in disposable containers. If you are all for minimalism, there is nothing wrong with repurposing old plastic containers as dividers for your kitchen!

4. Let go of that FOMO.

FOMO, or the fear of missing out, causes everyone to shop for the things they don’t need. Evaluate what impact an item will have on you. Ask questions like, “Do I see myself wearing this shirt six months from now?” If not, you can try thrift shops!

5. Want a new hobby? Make your own garden.

Sometimes, hobbies come and go. But if you want to make an impact, skip buying coloring books that you won’t finish and throw after a while (it’s a waste of tree leaves), and plant a garden instead!

Lastly, continue being with us on our Live Draws every Thursday at 8 PM (UAE). Let us put our digital energy into a good cause by tuning in to Facebook and YouTube with Maradona. Isn’t that a fantastic way to live your best life?


  1. Avatar

    Fahad Raza

    May 9, 2023

    Health is wealth. Perfectly described. ❤️

    • Avatar

      O! Millionaire Media Center

      May 9, 2023

      Absolutely! Taking care of our health is indeed invaluable. Prioritizing our well-being ensures we can enjoy life to the fullest. 💚

  2. Avatar

    Rahul Patel

    May 9, 2023

    This is a great initiative for promoting good health.

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