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O! Millionaire Launches in UAE while Oasis Park Materializes to fight Global Warming First live draw of exciting “eco-responsible” event set for March 2; Maradona Rebello named Brand Ambassador and Presenter.

O! Millionaire Launches

Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates – March 1, 2023 – O! Millionaire, as part of a global movement focused on reducing carbon emissions to combat global warming and which encourages cooperation through “eco-responsible” events, draws and sustainable merchandise, is set to launch in the UAE via its first live draw on Thursday, March 2.

O! Millionaire is a socially responsible brand that was conceived to support the global tree planting initiative known as Oasis Park. All O! Millionaire participants and supporters contribute directly to the sustainable planting of millions of trees in areas which benefit from reforestation and afforestation, paving a part of the way towards a future with zero carbon while restoring nature. The first phase of Oasis Park is expected to launch in the UAE, with Maradona Rebello having been named O! Millionaire Brand Ambassador and Presenter.

O! Millionaire Launches

Additionally, O! Millionaire representatives announced the launch of its online shop at

Maradona Rebello, an actor by profession and environmentalist by passion, has been hand-picked as a “Green Brand Ambassador” and Presenter for Oasis Park/O! Millionaire and is currently the face of some of the most renowned global brands including Close Up, Axe Deo, Talabat and Etisalat.

Mr. Rebello’s devotion to fulfilling environment-enriching efforts, including but certainly not limited to mass tree plantation in India, has truly inspired us, and it’s clear that his vision of ‘more trees for a better tomorrow’ aligns with our objectives,” says an O! Millionaire spokesperson. “As such, we are thrilled that he will now be endorsing the O! Millionaire tree plantation green initiative.”

The O! Millionaire online shop offers a plethora of sustainable goods to show support for the environmentally-driven draw event, from T-shirts to sports caps, representing what company officials call “a statement that announces (the wearer’s) eco-friendly goals everywhere for all the world to see.” In its ongoing efforts to make the Earth greener, more breathable and more sustainable, O! Millionaire reps are inviting online shoppers to “share the gift of green” with a bevy of gift-worthy merchandise including O! Millionaire gift cards in varying amounts, eco-oriented gift bags, tree seeds, ballpoint pens, LED smart temperature bottles and more.

Additional information can be found at and


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    March 2, 2023

    new blog

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    March 2, 2023

    sir , I am one of the Rafel winner ..still struggling to get my prize money ..i am a cancer survivor ..why u people are not responding to my calls or sad ..never expected this things

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    March 2, 2023

    […] forests. This dream of transformation has inched closer to reality in the establishment of Oasis Park, a non-profit organization dedicated to afforestation and utilizing renewable energies to reduce […]

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