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O! Millionaire Podcast Episode 2: The Power of Play, How the Lottery Can Transform Your Life

Why can lotteries change your life forever but gambling doesn’t_ - Ep 2

Everybody has all sorts of reasons to play, but the question is a matter of the reason behind why that supposedly win could truly change us.

In Episode 1, we have straightened up the blurry line between the two games, and now we are right back on the track of why the lottery gives you the upper hand when reaching your goals. 

WATCH: Why can lotteries change your life forever but gambling doesn’t?

Playing means reaching for the BIGGEST

Playing in the lottery involves much bigger prizes than in gambling. So, lottery participants have that huge goal that sticks into their minds. No one ever plays a lottery thinking of winning a small prize.

In O! Millionaire, a player has the chance to win up to One Hundred Million Dirhams Grand Prize! And can even go bigger than that, double it, and take home Two Hundred Million Dirhams!

It is a known thing to go after the biggest in the lottery. In the global scene, in a US lottery Powerball, the Grand Prize exceeded One Hundred Billion Dollars— that is One Thousand Million Dollars.

Another huge lottery in Spain during Christmas, the “El Gordo”, offered roundabout Four Billion Dollars.

With that, thinking about what you could win compares to horse betting and poker tournaments. The question remains how does a couple of thousands change your life?  Perhaps, that gambling prize could only captivate a one fine dinner with family.

In the lottery, millions open up to do anything you want. And what could we possibly want with that kind of huge money?

Spending the Big Prize

It is normal and rightful to think of the survival aspect when it comes to dividing up the money. Clearing all those debts, and assure you’ll provide things that enhance your daily life. A family car to go anywhere, savings for the children’s education, and from time to time, who wouldn’t spend their lives without time for relaxation.

Every person in this world is working hard enough for money, to earn to be able to afford time for themselves. That itself is another thing to keep in mind, no matter if the person works harder, he will never attain that Two Hundred Million Dirhams in his life. The only chance he has is to spend a little money to enter the game every week. That is a privilege to reach for something bigger for yourself.

When you spend literally everything, you’d think you need, there will still be tons of money left. Winning in lottery is a perfect opportunity to attend to the important things in your life, which will never be fulfilled in gambling.

About the O! Millionaire Podcast

Lotteries are meant to win big money.  From 25 dirhams to 100 million dirhams.

It is also a good thing to focus more on maximizing your win rather than talking about it. Spreading the lucky news guarantees to be followed by a bunch of people who would want what is yours. Busy yourself on building, rather than acknowledging the outside world about what was yours already.

Generosity is a nice quality, but you should understand the difference between being kind and tolerating.  There will be a lot of changes once you win, but growth is a natural thing anyway. You have to make sure what grows is something you would want in the long run. Keep working hard to make your life a little more comfortable every day.


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