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O! Millionaire Podcast Episode 3: Fun with Numbers! Can AI Help You Win the Lottery? 

AI your lucky numbers - Ep 3

Saturday has shone down another interesting topic from the O! Millionaire Podcast. Episode 3 introduces AI as a valuable tool for human’s daily life, following that opens multiple issues to talk about and one of them is using AI to generate your winning numbers. 

Come along as O! Millionaire CEO Ralph C. Martin and Actor/Host Maradona Rebello explore various ways to use AI and its impact on the lottery.

Lottery is random

Technology is now deeply integrated into modern life. It is important to pay attention to know what the purpose is and how we are going to use it. It would be a complete paradise if AI can do anything that we wished for it to do. In terms of playing in the lottery, it is beyond amazing if you got the winning numbers straight from AI. 

Just like an apple falling from the tree, only there is no aspect of anticipation for it. Also, there would be a lot of winners, and that is not fun. Sharing the win with other competitors is the least we want when eyeing the Grand Prize. 

Not beating around the bush, AI cannot predict the winning numbers. But how else can we use AI? 

It is important to keep in mind that the lottery is pure math induced with probability. What comes next with that is the fact that the lottery is random. 

So, some idea like this would come up: Are you going to play these numbers because it comes often or are you going to go with the numbers that did not show much, anticipating that it’d be more likely to show up later? 

AI gives you ideas about lottery

Getting ideas is one of the top purposes of using AI. Let’s say doing research, what would a good topic be and then what are the good numbers to play? Technology has various ways to help, in AI its prime function is to generate ideas. This part helps with the player’s decision when picking the lucky numbers. 

In the episode, Ralph showed a perfect example to use AI for the lottery. He commands AI to generate numbers based on a chosen subject. The numbers displayed throughout the discussion were about his favorite food—pasta, Maradona’s favorite color and sports—red and football. 

The answers were interesting. Both of them had fun reading the generated numbers associated with their favorite things. 

It somehow made sense and much more fun to use given the explanations that come with it by AI. It is also a good thing to use when you run out of ideas and to create your own individual numbers, since who would want to share their winnings, right? 

About the Podcast 

The whole discussion was fun! It opens a lot of perspectives on both things.  It is delightful to have technology on our side to keep our inventive spirits going, but it sure is painful and harmful when not used appropriately. 

Episode 3 also reminds us that AI has its limitations too, and that we humans are the true power to reach the success that we desire. It reflected upon us that AI can be both fun and deadly. 

A lightbulb appeared above your head? Let us know what topic you want us to discuss next. 

More fascinating to talk about soon!


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