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Parveen Kumar Shares His Journey to Winning the 2nd Prize Worth OMR 25,000

O! Millionaire Praveen Kumar

Muscat, Oman – Two winners emerged on the 27th episode of O! Millionaire, and one of them was Parveen Kumar, an Indian national working in Oman for the past six years. He shared the 2nd Prize winnings with Ajin Kumar, another Green Initiative supporter from India.

Parveen expressed how surprised he was to win, especially since he had been participating in the draw for only a short while since his friend introduced it. This was more evident in his revelations on what he plans to do next.

O! Millionaire Praveen Kumar

“I don’t know how I would spend OMR 25,000. I have not made any decisions yet,” Parveen shared. “I’ll be making some decisions later.”

The 2nd Prize might already be big for Parveen, but he could have secured it through the Secure the Grand Prize option on the check-out page at

Fate is charming. It is not a coincidence that both of our 2nd Prize winners are Indian nationals who share their last names and love for the Green Initiative. As Parveen leaves his closing remarks, their winning moments turn out to be an eye-opener on what O! Millionaire can do for the people and the planet.

“It’s good to have the ‘Oasis Park’ Oman Project that would create a green environment similar to that of India and makes the people here happier,” he notes.

This project is also in affiliation with other government and non-government organizations, working together to fulfill Oman Vision 2040 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

With our Winner Circle recognizing the environmental contributions of O! Millionaire, it is the best time to say that we are going more international—with the Oasis Park vision extending to other barren lands across the world.

Together, we will turn them green.


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